Hi There!

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017

hung_parliament "This is the parliment building in Hungary!"

So, after (many) hours of not paying attention to my lecturer, I've finally managed to get this ghost thing working. Maybe I'll write a nice little piece on it in the future. For now, I will just be using this place as a way of keeping track of things that happen during my time in uni.

Roadmap For This Post:

  • Get cool maths stuff working
  • Put some sweet images on this thing to make it fun
  • Get some meta stuff and learn SEO (make a post about that too!)
  • Put in some interesting code that works

So there it is, everything I'll want to get out the way to start with. Shall we begin?

Cool Maths Stuff

As far as "cool" goes I don't know, but here's a nice formula I learned for a perfect number, which when I get around to making LaTeX working, will have a delightfully nice style to it:

x=a_ia where xaZ\xx = \sum{a\_i} \quad \forall a \textrm{ where } \frac{x}{a} \in \mathbb{Z}\backslash \\{ x\\}

for example, the first perfect number, 6:

6=1+2+3 where 61=6,62=3,63=2Z6 = 1+2+3 \textrm{ where } \\{ \tfrac{6}{1} = 6,\tfrac{6}{2} = 3, \tfrac{6}{3} = 2 \in \mathbb{Z} \\}

and voila, it just kinda works!

Some Sweet Images

Here is a sweet image that I can add in. This even comes from my own camera!

Before one uploads images to their blog, one must fix all the problems related to uploading images to their blog. - Toby Devlin 2017

![Sweet Image of Hungarian parliament][hung_parliament] Fun fact: the Hungarian parliament building is ranked as the worlds most impressive parliament building by Wow Travel. And yes its as nice on the inside as it looks on the outside.

So You Want To Know Code

Have you or somebody you know been suffering from Python multiprocessing issues in windows?

Have you or somebody you know woken up to a broken build when it wasn't your fault?

If so you may be entitled to financial compensation, call us now on.... WAIT NO! Just put this line on the module/script:

if __name__ = "main":

This will fix all your woes and everything should be fine and dandy. The docs, have some pretty in depth stuff on multipocessing and why it breaks on windows but theres too much to explain in this section. Happy reading!

And there we have it, the first post on the site that looks a little nerdy and should probably have been shorter based on how much revision I'm not doing. Maybe I'll combine procrastinating and doing revision into one... procrastavison! That sounds like a brilliant idea!